Welcome To Dalton Training Services

Dalton Training Services is a Registered Training Organisation (52072) providing nationally accredited qualifications in laboratory operations, process plant technology and power generation operations, resources, mining and chemical industries. Qualifications on Scope range from Certificate II through to Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Our name is derived from John Dalton (1766 – 1844), the father of modern chemistry and developer of one of the first tables of atomic weights, a forerunner of the modern periodic table.

Our clients cover a range of business enterprises throughout Australia and overseas that wish to upgrade or ensure their workforce is competent and qualified to carry out their duties.

Dalton Training Services was created to be responsive to industries’ unmet needs for training that is more relevant and that produces results directly beneficial to the employer. Our size and structure allow us greater flexibility to focus on customised training systems meeting the requirements of each enterprise, as well as adapting delivery methods that maximise each learner’s achievements. Hence, our slogan is “In step with the times”.

Why Dalton Guarantees
Their Results

We can truly claim to have unique services that contribute to your Return On Investment. We deliver measurable ROI and productivity increases to our clients.

Our Clients

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