We can truly claim to have unique services that contribute to your Return On Investment (ROI). We deliver measurable ROI and productivity increases to our clients.

Enterprises using Dalton Training Services should have a positive Return On Investment (ROI)  in the following ways: 

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Through high levels of contextualisation - we eliminate the content that is not relevant to your enterprise and instead focus on what is.

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profitable suggestions

Well trained employees are more likely to ask pertinent questions - which can result in profitable suggestions. 

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future leaders

Training often identifies future leaders - saving you from head hunting outside of your enterprise.

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multiplier effect

Training can have a multiplier effect -  this occurs as newly trained employees pass their skills and knowledge onto their peers. 

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We incorporate underpinning knowledge into our training - this leads to improved problem solving skills and decision making. 

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increase targets

Newly trained employees increase in confidence and productivity  - the enterprise can increase its own performance targets knowing it has adequate human resources.