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Short Courses

Dalton Training Services has delivered short courses to many industry areas and has the expertise and experience to deliver customised training to meet your needs.

The training is usually delivered on-site so that the participants can be trained on the equipment that is in their workplace.

Some employers may identify that their workers need training in specific skills but not necessarily to the extent of obtaining a full qualification. Dalton Training Services can offer training in a range of skill sets.

A sample of short courses that Dalton Training Services can offer include:


Courses include resume writing, team effectiveness, running a meeting, negotiation and leadership, numeracy, literacy and grammar, business writing, technical reports, and problem solving. 


Courses include drawing interpretation using standardised language and symbols to make  understanding the drawings simple. We also offer courses in pneumatics and hydraulics. 

Skill Sets

Courses include team leader skill development, process improvement, workplace coaching, control room operations, PTW, planning, quality, environmental compliance, calibration, and solution testing.

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We can also design courses to meet a particular enterprise's unmet needs.