Our Points Of Difference

Periodic Table 2 (Copy)

Highly Contextualised Resources

By developing highly contextualised learning & assessment resources, all information presented to the learner is relevant to the employer’s (enterprise’s) operations.  Unnecessary or extraneous information is eliminated.

Client Consultation

Comprehensive consultations with the enterprise are conducted to assess their needs and circumstances.  The enterprise gets what it really needs and wants in a manner that best uses their existing resources.

Outcome Surveys

Learner outcome surveys are conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the training provided.  Enterprises can determine the cost benefit of the training received.

Tailored Services

Dalton Training Services can provide a “full” training service or any component thereof.  The enterprise only pays for what they really need and want.

Adaptable & Responsive

Dalton Training Services can be more flexible and adaptable than most other registered training organisations.  It can respond more quickly to changing circumstances, or the introduction of new information and can modify processes to improve outcomes.

Value Added Services

Dalton Training Services can offer additional “value added” services using knowledge of the enterprise’s processes and systems gained as part of the research, familiarisation and consultation process.

Career Pathways

Dalton Training Services offers a suite of qualifications within various industries, enabling effective planning of career pathways.

Efficient Delivery

By clustering (or grouping together Units of Competency) to correspond to job tasks, delivery of learning and conducting of assessment can be done with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption.
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